When work gets interesting

note: this is NOT a picture of me :) 

note: this is NOT a picture of me :) 

As I continue to read, coach, and think about the topic of work, work enjoyment, engagement with work, I try to clarify for myself certain definitions or terms that I tend to either say, or hear others say frequently. 

I absolutely allow myself to change these definitions as my knowledge and experience grows, but for now here is one that I've recently settled on. 

Term: Work Satisfaction

What I Think It Means: When you feel like you've contributed in a meaningful way, towards a meaningful outcome. 

Thinking back on my career, and the stories that I hear from my clients, those always seem to be the two ingredients present in every story of work satisfaction. They felt like they themselves were able to make a solid and meaningful contribution, on a project or situation whose outcome felt  impactful. 

Reflect: What is the last project or situation you were involved where you felt satisfaction?  Identify the meaningful contribution you made, and ask yourself why the outcome was meaningful? 

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