Frequently Asked questions


How will we meet?

We can meet either over the phone or through video chat (e.g. Skype), depending on your preference. 


I recognize that your schedule isn't always predictable, so as long as you let me know 24hrs ahead of time we can easily reschedule. 

How can I pay for your services?

I ask that my clients pay for my services upfront (with the exception of the single sessions, which are billed afterwards). I have this policy because a large single payment makes the investment you are making in yourself and your happiness all the more real and impactful. You're essentially saying that you're "all-in" to the process, and are committing to get clarity and make change in your life. 

What if I want to continue meeting after exhausting all of the sessions in my package?

Should you want to continue meeting, I will be available at your request. The rate charged will be the same as the per-sessions fee you were paying with your package.

What is your refund policy?

I understand that sometimes circumstances might arise that will not allow certain of my clients to continue with our work. In these cases I do offer a partial refund, depending on how many sessions we've had together. The refund amount is the total amount you've paid, minus how many sessions we've had charged at my single-session rate. 

my question wasn't answered here, where can i get more information?

You can contact me about any questions using the number or e-mail address below.