My Name is Samuel mandell

I spent seven years quickly climbing the corporate ladder at Microsoft, culminating in becoming an engineering manager. During the last three years of that time I really struggled with finding satisfaction in my work. 

What kept me there was a combination of fear and a lack of clarity regarding what would bring me the satisfaction I wanted. I feared leaving the security of a well-paying job, and that I would find myself unemployable. The lack of clarity gave me little hope that even if I did quit, I'd find something else I'd enjoy. 

I ultimately did end up quitting and took a year sabbatical with my wife, who had also come to a place of being ready to leave her job. As soon as I quit stories from former coworkers and friends began to pour in about how unsatisfied they were with the work they were doing. I hadn't realized what a prolific issue this was. 

I started this site initially as a coaching service to help those struggling as I once did, but have realized that I can engage with far more people if I focus on writing, so that's what this place is about now. 

I'm back working full time again and have been able to take significant steps towards selecting and creating a workplace that brings me satisfaction. I'm continuing to drill into the idea of work satisfaction, and will share my thoughts with you as I uncover new insights. 

I'm glad you're along for the ride.