I help professionals who feel stuck in their careers to find direction. 

Who Are You?

You work hard, do a good job, and feel like you don’t have much to complain about, but there’s a nagging feeling that hasn’t gone away for a while now. It’s a feeling that maybe your work isn’t the right fit. What if you were meant for something different? You might be asking yourself, “Is this it?” but you’re unsure or scared to explore that question.

What's the Problem?

You haven't been able to see past the fog. You would make a change if you knew where to go, but haven't been able to uncover that on your own. You're stuck, unable to move forward but unhappy with where you are.  

Who Am I?

I spent seven years at Microsoft, culminating in becoming an engineering lead. While I had a great deal of career success, I couldn't say that I was happy at work. There were negative aspects about my work environment, but without a clear reason for why I was working, it felt like I was paying a high cost for what seemed to be little impact that I cared about (besides the money).

I quit my job and have spent the last two years thinking deeply about my relationship with work, and have realized that I'm not alone in this quest, and neither are you. I'm at a place in my journey where I regularly write about this topic, and also coach individuals through their own work situations. 

What's The Solution? 

The solution is more complicated than simply "finding your passion." I started out with this assumption, but after two years of searching I can't say that I've found my one true passion that can translate into a single job. I have many passions, and many of them are not related or easily packaged. 

I've begun to formulate a new concept I'm calling Intentional Work, which centers on helping you gain clarity around the following five areas:

  1. Where You Are: what professional experience do you have, or put another way, what kinds of professional problems can you solve?
  2. What You're Good At: What are you naturally good at, what are your talents or aptitudes? This will tell you what areas will have large return on investments for your time. 
  3. What Environment You Want To Work In: This covers what subject matters are interesting to you, what types of work environments you really thrive in, etc. 
  4. Lifestyle You Need: Identifying what kind of lifestyle is important to you. This is to establish what kind of workplace control or income you'll need. 
  5. Mission: This is perhaps the hardest one, and not everyone will get clarity around this. In order to discover a mission you need to be exposed to some hurt or brokenness in the world that you feel a drive to fix. 

Once you have clarity in these five areas, you can intentionally choose into work that best meets your needs, either at your current place of employment, or perhaps elsewhere. 

So why don't we take a look together and uncover an amazing career for you? 

You can choose right now to pursue clarity and move your life forward. I believe you can experience excitement, satisfaction, and a feeling of ease as you work at a job you love.