Here's the problem...

You're at a job and in a career that you haven't been enjoying, probably for the past several years. It's not terrible (or else you would have probably quit already), it's just become less and less enjoyable as time as gone on. 



Are you struggling with feeling excited and engaged about your work?

Does Sunday night mean wishing you didn't have to go into work on Monday?

Do you sit at work wondering "what am I doing here?" and "is this really it?"

It doesn't have to be that way.

There is a journey that will lead to the answer to the questions of "what is my purpose?", "what will make me happy?", and "what job should I get next?".

That journey starts with a little yes. 

Who Are You?

You work hard, do a good job, and feel like you don’t have much to complain about, but there’s a nagging feeling that hasn’t gone away for a while now. It’s a feeling that maybe your work isn’t the right fit. What if you were meant for something different? You might be asking yourself, “Is this it?” but you’re unsure or scared to explore that question.

What's the Problem?

You haven't been able to see past the fog. You would make a change if you knew where to go, but haven't been able to uncover that on your own. You're stuck, unable to move forward but unhappy with where you are.  

Who Am I?

I want to help you get the clarity needed take the next step in your career. I spent seven years quickly climbing the corporate ladder at Microsoft, culminating in becoming an engineering manager. Despite all the career success I was exactly where you are, facing exactly what you're facing, and asking myself the same questions. It took me four years to get the clarity I needed to pick a new direction for my career. I wrote about this journey for the Huffington Post in an articled titled: Why I Traded $200,000 for $200

Now my job is to help people like you achieve what I did in a matter of months, rather than years. I've had the privilege to work with people through many career decisions, from deciding between two exciting job offers to facilitating drastic career shifts. I love that I get to journey with my clients through these difficult questions.

What's The Solution? 

What if you could wake up feeling excited to do your work? What if you found a career that felt aligned with who you are and what you’re deeply interested in? What if work didn’t feel like work anymore? Is this even possible? 

I believe it is. You already have the answers, it's just a matter of separating them from all the surrounding noise. I work with you to tune out the irrelevant details, so that what is truly important will emerge. You can read more about my process on the blog

The risk of not saying yes is regret. Regret at the decisions you never made, the work you could have done, and all that you could have achieved. 

So why don't we take a look together and uncover an amazing career for you? 

You can choose right now to pursue clarity and move your life forward. I believe you can experience excitement, satisfaction, and a feeling of ease as you work at a job you love.